I booked!

I was sweating bullets while redeeming loyalty points and pretending to be the cardholder of my mother’s loyalty/credit card. (My insanely expensive Christmas flight home is her treat for me every year.)

Our lovely rewards plan (Aventura) does not allow for stopovers on your way to your destination so I had to book two one-way tickets, each one “costing” as much as a simple return ticket – buggers. It’s still cheaper than my other favourite rewards plan (Aeroplan) who’s like, “Sure, you can book a stopover!” and calmly collects from you 116,000 of your hard-earned points.

That’s enough points to take you to Asia and back (if you book early enough) but I’m using them to go home….

Naturally, I look forward to Christmas at home more than my harried one-week trip in May (which was only 4 days this year). At home, I get a good dose of a festive and (hopefully) white Christmas. I am super-stoked to be able to spend time with family in Toronto (it’s been a couple of years), friends in Toronto (hopefully), and then a good long visit with mummy, daddy, and the little sister. :D

On this day..