Midnight Madness

Two friends and I braved the border line-up on Thursday night for some Black Friday Midnight Madness at Seattle Premium Outlets….

It was nuts. It would take over half an hour to get a coffee from Starbucks. It took 30-45 minutes to pay for an item at Guess. There was a constantly long queue at Juicy Couture just to get into the store. I waited 25-30 minutes to get 3 100-mL tubes of Hand Therapy (regularly $14 each; on special 3 for $20) at Crabtree & Evelyn. I think the best deal of the day (which I could not partake) was reduced-price Lucky Brand Jeans (like $59) that was also Buy One Get One 50% Off. Unfortunately, Lil’ Maggie jeans ($88) would have been too much of an impulse buy.

My happiest find was the Blackwatch Double-Breasted Peacoat from American Eagle: $129.50 – that’s $30 cheaper than nearly-par Canadian$, 8.5% tax cf. 13%, then an extra 15% off as a Black Friday special!

I have this gorgeous long black winter coat from Jacob but often times, it is not cold enough in Vancouver and it dresses up my outfit too much, so a shorter peacoat was in order. Then the blackwatch plaid made the decision altogether too easy. ;-)

On this day..