Currently Reading: Northanger Abbey

I take things way too literally.

It turns out that of Jane Austen’s six full-length novels, I’ve read or watched the movie for only four. There remains 2 novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion: both receive less attention and references in popular culture.

If I were a younger, I would revel more in the self-discovery made by Northanger Abbey’s young heroine, Catherine Morland. I would not be rolling my eyes at her inability to see through the cunning of the people closest to her and I would not be laughing in disbelief about the drama she tries to create in her life.

The point of Jane Austen’s novels of manners is not to poke fun at the transparency of the plot. Instead, the reading experience is more about nuances in interactions based on careful selection of words than fancy, twisted plots. I enjoy the meticulous writing and I enjoy making my way through Austen’s body of work.

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