So, what happened here??

So… people who have subscribed to my RSS feed may not have noticed much but people who come directly to this page would have received an error for the past few weeks: rest assured, I had not let anyone visit during that time. You see, my mother just joined the cyberspacing population and I shut things down in a panic — for, to a close family member even the most mundane blog post is very interesting and TMI.

While I figure out the direction of this blog (hint: I’ve changed my tagline a little), here’s what happened in the past few weeks month.

* Went to Toronto for two whole days. Saw my relatives, saw my girlfriends. Had loads of fun and hankering to go dancing again.
* Was home for two weeks that included Christmas, New Year’s, absolutely fantastic ice wine, lots of working/fun, and lots of mahjong. We were all happy that I arranged to stay several days beyond January 1.
* I’m going to be a bridesmaid to a friend who snagged an August ’08 date. That trip home suggests a time when I’ll get to go back and bring NPY with me. =D Plus, it’s a traditional wedding and we’re in the process of arranging the two dresses the bridesmaids wear!
* After a rough (non-)start, I’m back into running. As usual, the sidebar announces my races to make me stick to ’em.
* I’m not doing the First Half half-marathon in February. I’m not doing the Timex Series. I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.
* I’m still a running lemming and run with a pack when it comes to training for races. As with last year, I’m a run leader with a fantastic group of 2:00 half-marathon hopefuls. Each time I go out and meet up with them is a really rewarding experience. =D
* As the tagline indicates, I’m refining the topics of this blog. My racing series is intact and I will continue to add to it. Off-topic entries may appear but I can vouch that they will not be (long-term) archived.