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Just two days after the prequel to L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” was released, I ordered it through I took surprisingly long to finish reading it (about a week) but come away overall impressed.

First, the bad: Anne at not-quite-six years of age was implausibly intelligent and eloquent. Ms. Wilson created the right voice, but it was not altogether believeable; that’s why I liked the second half of the novel more when Anne was older. A lot happened in Anne’s pre-Green Gables life in true L.M. Montgomery style that it was a little bittersweet how it was explained how all the colourful characters were swept under the rug in time for her P.E.I. life.

Then, the good! Ms. Wilson’s vignettes stayed within the believable bounds set by the “Anne” world and you came to have great empathy for Anne’s difficult childhood that precluded her faith in God. Finally, it was cool how we saw more of her Nova Scotia life!

Ultimately, it was just fan fiction, but as the novel went on, I was more convinced that Ms. Wilson, who thanked others for their “Anne” research, had spent the time and effort to get into Anne’s frame of mind to conjecture what her earlier years were like.

Right now, I want to go back and read the first four of 8 “Anne” novels, especially the descriptive fourth novel, a book of love letters, “Anne of Windy Poplars”!


  1. teahouse says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I’d like this book. I was a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables from the time I was a teenager and my dad bought me the first book for Christmas. I confess I’m biased when it comes to new authors’ trying to write classics..

  2. NML says:

    Oh wow! Anne of Green Gables brings back memories! I don’t think I’d like this book though! I’ve been thinking about rereading some of my nostalgic teen books like Virgina Andrews Flowers in the Attic etc and Judy Blume! Can’t believe you’ll be 29 soon! Time flies! You look far from 29!

  3. wyn says:

    I guess I’m not really surprised that I’m the only one excited about the Green Gables prequel. :P I can get quite maniacal about wanting to have my knowledge being “complete”. :D

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