My Running Playlist

I finally had time to update my Moto phone with a 2008 selection of music. Here’s a snippet of my playlist which is patched together from my running history/nostalgia, “Ultimate Chick Playlist” suggestions, and high bpm (beats per minute) lists from

ABC / Jackson 5 / 188 bpm / Good oldie
The Boxer / Simon & Garfunkel / 182 bpm / Good oldie
Don’t Stop Believing / Journey / 1981 / I associate this song with a great little movie and love it
I Ran / Flock of Seagulls / 1982 / A song that will always remind me of 2004 training….
Man in Motion / John Parr / 1985 / Good oldie
I Want it All / Queen / 1989 / 187 bpm / Don’t we all?
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner / Iron Maiden / 1998 / 189 bpm / Can’t resist the song title!
Fighter / Christina Aguilera / 2003 / Such an empowering song
Hollaback Girl / Gwen Stefani / 2004 / Infectious beats
How to be Dead / Snow Patrol / 2004 / 182 bpm
I Run for Life / Melissa Etheridge / 2005 / 190 bpm / An anthem for those whose lives have been affected by breast cancer
The Contender Theme Song / Hans Zimmer / 2005 / Uplifting
Fame / Broadway Kids / What’s with all the soundtrack music, huh?
Pain / Three Days Grace / 2006 / Henry’s suggestion and I have a soft spot for emo-kinda-rock
No One / Alicia Keys / 2007 / 180 bpm / So fantastic that this great song is the elusive 180 beats per minute for our best running cadence
Stronger / Kanye West / 2007 / Infections beats
The Way I Are / Timbaland f. Keri Hilson / 2007

On this day..


  1. flam says:

    hey. how ’bout cracking open that iPod there huh? ;?P

  2. says:

    Thanks for using as a resource for your great playlist and thanks for the mention.

    If you get a chance, check out my podcast and give me some feedback. The address is My email is comments at

    Best of running,


  3. Henry Chan says:

    3DG is pretty kewl, but I thought I recommended more LP songs like In the End
    No one – Alicia Keys eh? I don’t know man … that’s pretty dancey music; you might wind up running a crazy cadence of 180strides per minute because of that!

    p.s. couldn’t find your name on the First Half Results – you OK?

  4. wyn says:

    I’m fine. Just no First Half for me this year. See the “Upcoming” module in the sidebar for an idea of what races I’m doing!

    It is only a list of my preferred songs. I’ve been running to LP songs for a long time that I’m tired of training to them. :P Though, I think I have to insert the LP/Jay-Z “Numb/Encore” track into my running playlist.

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