Currently reading: An epic love story of Tibet

Within 18 pages of Xinran’s Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of Tibet, I yearn to travel to Tibet, seemingly the best place on earth to have all materialism stripped from your soul by the vast emptiness and harsh weather.

I am also rooting for the protagonist who told her 30-year epic story to the author. It’s odd to read about a passionate relationship involving Chinese people of my parents’ or grandparents’ generation and I can imagine that the protagonist, Shu Wen, felt how Juliet felt when newly wed and waking up to find Romeo suddenly gone from her.

So far, I also see a superficial similarity to that ghastly Anne (of Green Gables) sequel where the sheltered and young female protagonist enters the war zone after she’s convinced her surgeon husband isn’t dead/missing as his military superiors claim. The young heroine has many out-of-ordinary experiences. I hope the similarities stop there!

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  1. teahouse says:

    Hmm..looks interesting. I’d love to read it. Is it depressing?

  2. wyn says:

    It wasn’t depressing at all though there was death and departure. I think the Buddhist teachings permeated the characters that they could handle all sorts of hardships inherent to the land and life.

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