Why I’m doing the Science Fair 5K Run

* The race start is not some far-flung and silly location for me to get to on a Sunday morning like UBC… or inside Stanley Park. The race course is practically my backyard, regular stomping grounds of mine and my run club!
* I don’t own much “geekwear”. As much as it would be really cool to have Running Adrenaline Man splashed across my chest, from the promotional materials, I think this year’s molecule is lowly (smaller) and cursed lactic acid. (At least it’s not caffeine. Sheesh, that molecule is overused.)
* Support science fairs in B.C.!
* Participating in the biggest 5K run in Vancouver/B.C.
* I heartily believe that I can do better than my St. Paddy’s Day time… though I’m not a seasoned 5K runner at all.
* A day-pass to Science World. Too bad at that point they are between the Aussie wildlife exhibition and the Disney exhibition.

On this day..


  1. teahouse says:

    Hey, that’s awesome!! The poster is really cute. I wish there was a run here like that; I would totally do it.

  2. Michelle says:

    molecule guy is really cute.

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