Lost my appetite

A pretty picture to draw you back in….

(Now, you know that that’s not the raunchiest Pussycat Dolls picture I could have found to post.)

What do you do when you’ve been invited to attend a costume-party-of-sorts where the theme is “Pussy Cat Dolls” and later on in the summer, you’ve been invited to participate in the Caribana parade, Toronto’s crazy annual celebration of Caribbean culture?

I, for one, lost my appetite for a few days.

Then rub my hands in glee to successfully complete tall orders like rollerblade away Saturday afternoon and run 20K on Sunday morning. Though I huffed away, I embraced the bootcamp run where you seek out big hills in across several neighbourhoods and tackle them for 90 minutes. I cheer at the prospect of doing the city’s infamous Grouse Grind “hike”.

NPY says the warming weather and longer days decrease your appetite and encourage activity, respectively.

I shove his excuses and explanations aside and call it hitting the ground running regarding starting the marathon training season (haha). Portland Marthon on October 5? Victoria Marathon on October 12? Dunno, don’t care. Just getting out and having good runs are all that matter this summer.

On this day..