It’s all about shoes

Like a true girl, I can rationalize the addition of another pair of shoes to my wardrobe.

Just a few weeks ago, I went for the first time on an overnight trip to Bellevue (Washington) with the Wives and Girlfriends. We skipped the chain stores and they introduced me to Ross and Marshalls, both of which are far better than Canadian discount aggregator store, Winners. My spending pattern was kind of embarassing for spread across the two stores and just 2 hours, I bought 4 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes… and one handbag!

I’m chortling in delight because the shoe brands included Puma and Steve Madden with the former at great discount and the latter costing less than $20. Steve Madden! Further, I’ll kick around in the Pumas ($27.99, regular $75USD) to make it well worth it and that means I dropped only $50 for three whole pairs of fanciful sandals.

Unwittingly, I matched my new sandals with my dress purchases… somewhat… like so. Weird.

I’m also in some kind of mood for there is a common grey theme: silk top from Old Navy, Junior Miss dress, coveted Kathy van Zeeland bag, Puma sneakers. Hmmmm….

Four pairs of shoes didn’t quite slow me down as I “needed” to get silver sandals to wear with my blue bridesmaid’s dress. MY, the helpful little sister, talked me out of it so I walked out of Spring with another pair of fuddy-duddy work-appropriate comfortable-for-commuting shoes. Because there is no such thing as too many sensible shoes. They were discounted to $20! And my orthotics will fit into them!

A few weeks ago, I was poking fun at Vin for when she shows me a link to a new pair of shoes, it re-inforces my STEREOTYPE of Vin-style shoes. That is, she favours black wedge-style leather clogs. I shouldn’t laugh because I have a distinct preference, too, as exemplified by my brown loafers and my brown “platypus” shoes!

On this day..


  1. Su-Lin says:

    Have you been to the premium outlets near Tulalip? They’re fricking great – Coach, Cole Haan (bought shoes!), Banana Republic, etc.

    Those brown sandals are cute!

  2. wyn says:

    Yes. The Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip are great. The name brands and discounts available are really dazzling. On this excursion, we had the time to head further south to another – less dazzling – outlet mall, North Bend. Not as many name brands, but Coach and Nike, and really down-to-earth stuff like Corningware and a mega underwear shop (the likes of Hanes). The discounts there were even better!

  3. Henry Chan says:

    Kewl – I never really thought about it until now, but do you think the girls have more pairs of shoes or guys in general?
    My gut feel says that guys are greater suckers for shoes.
    Most of the guys I train with have at least 8 pairs of shoes.
    I personally own

    1 pair of dress shoes
    1 pair of court shoes
    2 pairs of long slow distance runners
    2 paris of racing shoes
    2 pairs of rockclimbing shoes
    2 pairs of trail running shoes
    4 pairs of cycling shoes
    14 pairs of active shoes

    and 6 pairs of custom orthotics

    How about you?

    Fortitudine Vincimus,

  4. wyn says:

    Generally, I would say women have more shoes… hardcore athletes excepted. :P

    For remotely athletic shoes, I have –
    3 prs. runners
    1 pr. hiker
    1 pr. aqua shoes
    1 pr. pumas
    1 pr. court shoes

    But while you have just one pair of dress shoes, we have a multitude of categories: dress-work, dress-social, dress-summer, it just goes on.

    Here’s my closet before organizing it recently:
    I forgot to include three new pairs that are off to a side!

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