Window into my soul

The organizing bug hit me and I have thus far managed to unimaginatively organize my shoes. I thought I would do a much better job with my books but I’m really peeved.

First, I bought a cheaper IKEA bookcase – not their famed Billy – for which you cannot buy extra shelves.

Secondly, why aren’t book sizes more standardized? For example, Freakonomics is slightly taller than my paperbacks. Granted, it was a U.K. edition I purchased. Then, along the right stack, why are all my oversized (fancy) paperbacks nearly the same size but not quite?

Finally, I have no more room. (The other shelves are spoken for with other non-book themes.) I need to get a new book case or donate some books. Like that monstrous Hitchhiker’s Guide. That’s one strange story that, three years later, I still haven’t made it entirely through.

On this day..


  1. teahouse says:

    Hahaha..that looks like my stack o’books. Except that mine has somehow multiplied into 4 large bookshelves!

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow! That’s a whole lotta books. I’m not a book buyer myself, so I’m all for de-cluttering and selling/get rid of the ones you don’t absolutely love/won’t read again.

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