And… she’s back….

I left Friday night a week ago and returned nine days later, late on Sunday night.

First, I was in Toronto for the weekend that was well-timed for the August long weekend, Caribana (the Caribbean festival), and an influx visitors for the party long weekend. Short one of our girls, Vin and I still had a really nice girly weekend complete with a parade, a soca party, drinks, eating, shopping, and a good dose of best-friendly chatter.

Then it was back to Halifax and splitting my time helping Thuy with her wedding and spending time with family. It was genuinely invigorating to re-connect with my Vietnamese friends from uni and generally growing into my role as a (first-time) bridesmaid.

Wedding day came around and the jitters I had were laid to rest as the events unfolded. Everything had an element of magic and fabulousness from the traditional ceremony to taking pictures at the (Public) Gardens to the full-on Vietnamese-style banquet.

I miss dancing. I went dancing on the past two Saturdays, neither time with my NPY. Now isn’t that funny?

On this day..

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  1. Michelle says:

    that explains your bloggy silence. Glad that you had a wonderful trip.

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