Longest wet run EVER: 3 hours and 29 km

I love how having four good training runs in a week makes me feel strong and truly like a real runner.

(I love how NPY has played three hockey games in the past week – playoff hockey, you see – and I feel like he’s a real leader and hockey player, haha.)

Yesterday, we ran for over 3 hours to cover 29 kilometers in the city. It did not stop raining the entire time. That officially beats the picture shown above that was the notoriously drenched Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon of ’07 where we soaked and shivered for 90% of the 2 hours we were out there.

At first, running in rain was a welcome reprieve considering the week before we melted in 30oC weather. During the sweltering run, this pace bunny invoked the privilege of stopping to round up the stragglers and that was the only way I finished the last 2 kilometers.

But then rainy running has some unique problems that made the second half really dreary.
* I didn’t feel thirsty and didn’t hydrate enough while running.
* Shivering and trying to peel off soaked-through shorts and underwear in a cramped community center bathroom stall is precarious and gross.
* Just a little too much slack lacing up my runners means puddles form around my toes. It eerily feels like running on a waterbed.
* Chafing was delayed but quite a bit worse. :S
* Thank goodness I didn’t accidentally put on a white shirt.
* The thought of handing an oozing-but-delicious Gu gel was a bit of a turn-off when you’re dripping wet. I delayed taking mine until (too) late.
* Good thing the route was easy because my set of instructions dissolved.

(Just a day later, it feels surreal that we were voluntarily outdoors and so thoroughly soaked for so long.)

Yesterday’s 3-hour run more than made up for all the times where I’ve sat in the car on a rainy day and felt guilty and lazy when I’ve seen a runner bravely bearing the wet weather!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    GJ Wyn,

    Think of that run as a prelude to training for a Spring marathon should u decide to try one. It gets nastier in Jan and Feb.
    Nonetheless, kudos on your first 3hr run in the rain.

    Fortitudine Vincimus,

  2. wyn says:

    Thus far, in the past two years, I’ve avoided spring training because I’ve been afraid of a wet and cold training season – it hasn’t been so bad as I’ve feared – and I’m comfortable running with once-a-year summer training. Things can always change and one year I will REALLY want to run and double back around the usual running routes for the Vancouver Marathon.

  3. teahouse says:

    Wow, 29 km!! You are a stud!

    I LOVE the photo.

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