O runners, how much do I hate thee?

Wasn’t it enough to run in the rain for 3 hours on Sunday? Then out of guilt and some secret reservoir of hardcore-ness, I didn’t back out of a go at the Grouse Grind (read: 1 hour of uphill climbing of a mountain) during a torrential rainpour.

What do you think I’m more delight about – getting my fastest time this year scrambling to get out of the rain, a picture of my muddy runners, or having bloggable thoughts during the hike??

Why the latter-most of course….
* I amused myself that the muddy streams running down the rocks resemble the chocolate river in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory… but the faster flowing streams resembled more tepid tea. Ew.
* Flat, wet logs are more dangerous than flat, wet stones.
* Given it was a wet day, the hike was nearly deserted were it not for our group. With the distance between us, I felt like I was all alone on a nature hike. Or on the Amazing Race.
* Lil’ Sis has concluded that I do not like music. I appreciate music very much when it carries me away from the hardship of a workout: I was tuning out to the likes of Leonard Cohen (“One Thousand Kisses”) and old-school piano-bar Mariah Carey (“Vanishing”). I upload my music sorted roughly on tempo where the fast-paced music played earlier on my Shuffle – I’m not a fan of “random play”.
* Rain = No Bugs. I was very grateful for that.
* Spontaneous rivers running alongside and sometimes cascading over the steps sounded like a river backdrop… like a spa setting.
* My bag soaked through and my change of clothes were dripping wet. But my phone still works. Yay.
* Having dinner with 10 training buddies in a deserted tourist-trap-of-a-restaurant all the while shivering and huddling in restaurant-issue fleece blankets is quite an intimate experience.

After braving two such drenching training sessions – we are so ready for a wet fall marathon – I want a rainy day off to curl up with a book and hot soup!

On this day..


  1. Michelle says:

    It’s freaking August!! What’s with this rain?! UGH!!!

  2. teahouse says:

    Hey, sounds like a great day!!

    Love the photo of the yucky shoes, hahahaha.

  3. wyn says:

    I agree with Michelle: we’re supposed to be sun-drenched in August. Leave the rains for the fall and spring….

    It was ultimately a great day. :)

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