Can you spot the difference?

NPY expressed so much desire that I watch that new show, Fringemy plate is already beyond full – I finally indulged him two weeks after it first aired.

It’s… cute. We old fogies can pick out allusions to X-Files and I stifle a giggle at the scientific referencs – it can get hokey or stretched.

But I sat up straight in the couch when the story moved to the big bad Massive Dynamic headquarters* and stock prices scrolled on the pristine white walls (alternatively, they were scrolling on nearly invisible monitors). There, in the corner, was a logo I recognized!

Naturally, I had to compare the two side-by-side. Not surprisingly, with the entertainment-marketing trend, even a fictional company introduced in a television show like Massive Dynamic has a webpage**. I frantically pulled up Malachite’s webpage for a comparison.

Are the logos different enough to not be infringing on copyright? (Apparently.) Did someone from Fringe see Malachite’s logo in some database and adjust upon it? Did they both arrive upon it independently? Did one party get paid off? (Just joking!)

I tend to notice and appreciate symbols planted in a television show that foreshadow or generally show that the writers are about more than just dialogue. Fringe is showing elements of X-Files and Lost, the latter of which has a huge, inquisitive following. I started watching those shows in the middle of their run and never got fully into them. While there is not much to catch up on, I might add Fringe to my plate….

* Apparently the corner office is part of the ROM (museum) in Toronto.
** The webpage went through a massive overhaul this morning.

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