Great things in store

I have not posted much about where I live in Vancouver but, in fact, I am terribly giddy about my area. Quite often, I’m convinced that I live in the best neighbourhood in Vancouver (which some may add is “the best city in the world”).

I was further convinced during a visit to the boutique-y mall, City Square, and saw that cream puffery extraordinaire Beard Papa’s is coming soon to “the Square”. It is only Vancouver (and Canada’s) third location after the obvious ones: a trendy Chinese mall in Richmond and beach-side tourist strip English Bay.

(Not so) funny, but true story: My excitement for living in the Fairview/Cambie Corridor area finds its roots from living on the wrong side of the harbour all my life. Of the twin cities, Dartmouth is the side where you have to drive to get to any amenities while Halifax has the traditional closely spaced houses and a university district where amenities and entertainment are within walking distance. Commuting to go to school, see my friends, and just live wore away at me.

I did not base my decision on this area on the new subway system that would be at my doorstep within two years nor did I know how many great Hong Kong-style diners I would frequent (five). I did not consider the spectacular offering of markets: Kin’s for fruits and vegetables, reliable Safeway, mini-superstore Save On Foods, shiny and gourmet Capers, trusty old organic Choices, and yet-to-open healthy Whole Foods.

Instead, I was in the area four years ago (as of two weeks ago) for a Meet ‘n’ Greet around dusk. The rows upon rows of adorable apartment/townhouse blocks – each block different from the next – that house the area’s mostly young professionals, the industriously scientific feeling from the big hospital and biotech powerhouses in the area, and twilight as a backdrop to the glittering downtown condos across the water made me quite steadfast that I would live in the Fairview area.

Apparently, the Running Room used to be a stone’s throw away before it relocated. Oh well, it’s a good warm-up to have to run there. :D

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  1. Ryan says:

    Gah! I’m jealous!

  2. Michelle says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve been to Vancouver. *sigh* And then it was to Granville Island and Stanley Park.

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