Vancouver’s Olympic Village

When people permanently move into the Olympic Village condos fleetingly occupied by the world’s most elite athletes for a few weeks in during Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics, they will probably claim to feel the lingering indomitable spirit of the 2,800 temporary occupants.

It’s been a thrilling addition to the city’s “mixed usage” trails that the pedestrian and bike paths alongside Olympic Village are open although construction and landscaping continues to take place.

Our weekly 10K training run takes us through this area and I amuse myself imagining the chilly and romantic evenings in 2010 with athletes loitering on the stairs that lead to the water, partying on the newest peninsula in False Creek with the glass condos across the flickering waters of the Creek, and lounging and laughing on the oversized lounge chairs and swivel chairs!

I like to think that when the Olympians are calling the Athlete’s Village home (away from home), it will not escape them that the Village has already been christened by Vancouver’s active population of runners, bikers, and inline skaters who have gained fortitude training/exercising on the very same grounds.

That is to say, amongst the truly neat things about (where I live in) Vancouver is being able to consider the future Olympic Village as part of my stomping grounds! =D

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  1. Michelle says:

    that’s soo cool! We’re actually thinking about coming up and seeing an event, if we can get tix.

  2. Ryan says:

    Is this what you mean by lingering indomitable spirit?

  3. wyn says:

    So cheeky! That is PART of what I mean by indomitable spirit. :)

  4. teahouse says:

    Pretty neat! I’ve only been to Vancouver once, and I didn’t get to see this. But I DID get drunk on beer on Granville Island!!

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