As good at it gets

Wow, the preview photo is so crummy I pretty much have to buy the file.

I hesitate, as usual, because of the gouging exorbitant price: one single 5″x7″ print for $17 or the high-resolution image file for $25. If I also wanted to buy the only other promising picture – and I can’t tell if one or both won’t be shockingly disappointing – I start considering getting the CD of all my pictures for $70. (There’s about 9 others where I’m in the shot but not quite the center or somewhat unobscured.)

If only the Portland Marathon organization contracted the same one photography company that Victoria Marathon used…. (Still my best finish line picture yet.)

NPY suggests that next time I should take a moment to get out of the way of being in the shadow of someone else at the moment of crossing the finish line. Tell me about it – =P – it also happened in my next-most-fabulous finish line picture in Calgary ’05.

On this day..


  1. Michelle says:

    Aw, I don’t think it looks *that* bad! I like how you have your hands up in excitement!

  2. wyn says:

    A friend of mine, new to this whole normal-people marathoning thing, asked if I knew the cameras were at the finish line. BUT OF COURSE! :) I’ve had one too many pictures of me huffing and puffing at the moment of snapshot. Throwing up my arms, I’m forced to take on a different non-huffing/puffing facial expression.

    By “bad”, I mean that it’s the poorest quality picture and so I can’t tell how much of huffing/puffing wincing-from-cramping made it onto my expression!

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