I need a mid-week day off every couple of months

It is only Tuesday and I wish tomorrow were Friday. What gives?

It was positively delightful last week to have a mid-week day off. I got so much done! On the weekends, I wake up way too late and find myself with only enough time to make myself pretty (sorta) and head out for the day. On a rare mid-week day off, I woke up early, had energy and time to clean up around my place, the opportunity to run some errands, and the inspiration to prepare a five-course meal for me and NPY. Granted, two of those courses did not require cooking. =D

In the midst of filing and whittling at the embarrassing stack of papers and magazines that are overtaking my dining table-turned-desk-turned-junk drawer of sorts, I updated my Running (File) Folder and smiled and reminisced while sorting through my race bibs from the past five years.*

And then I put it all neatly away until the next time….

* I have been to more races than the bibs you see here. HBC Run for Canada (Canada Day) races print their bibs on the t-shirts and I have run three of those so far. And it turns out that I don’t have any of my 2004 race bibs – something to look for when I’m home for Christmas!

On this day..


  1. teahouse says:

    That’s incredible. Right now I only have 4 of these tags. Slowly building up!

  2. wyn says:

    THB, it was definitely from your mentioning of pasting your bibs on your (old?) apartment walls that I was reminded off when layout these bibs. I wonder if I might not bind them or pop them into some “book” later….

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