Oh, but did we keep the Aliant clerk hopping with our requests: Phone #1 getting upgraded, Phone #1 getting Phone #2’s phone number, and Phone #2 getting the phone number of Phone #3 that was not present.

In the process of clearing the memory of Phone #3, I came across text messages that I couldn’t bring myself to delete two years ago – text messages from that sultry summer of 2004.

Aside from messages from my then-boyfriend (W, if you remember), Lil’ Sis and I swapped messages about where and when to meet at the university to drive home together, and I was setting up or receiving invitations to go clubbing, “Want to go to Pacifico tonight?”

It reminds me of the fun I had back then, how many things have occurred in the 4.5 years since, and to reconcile the good with the bad.

This time around, I cleared all the text messages. That’s what my biological memory (and blog) is for. =D

On this day..


  1. teahouse says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. I still have old text messages on previous phones as well! I never read them, but somehow I can’t bring myself to delete them.

  2. wyn says:

    It was SO weird to be transported 4 years in the past with such a small thing, such short messages. You could say it was “liberating” to delete them… but the feeling was short-lived – I was free of the emotional baggage from the long-ago moment of forgetting about the messages!

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