I ran up and down so many stairs today!

I am both looking forward to and dreading the maddening crowds that descent upon hapless restaurants on New Year’s Eve at our restaurant.

Since before this millennium, our restaurant made the oddball choice to close on New Year’s Eve, the busiest day of the year. However, times are tough for everyone so we’re bucking our own trend and staying open.

I’m heartened to see our little family unit pull together for a common goal – to weather tomorrow’s frantic and crushing rush with as much grace as possible. Being of some help to my family: this is what I come back home for 4% of the year for.

On this day..


  1. Michelle says:

    Happy New Year to you!!! And a restaurant closed on NYE?! That’s crazy talk!!!!

  2. GirlonTour says:

    How did it go? Bet it was more fun than you expected!

    Happy New Year!

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