Snowed In

Although there’s a temporary break today, it’s been snowing seemingly non-stop in Vancouver and it’s wonderful. It’s the light fluffy type of snow and the depth accumulated at NPY’s walkway is one foot!

It has also brought upon me some nail-biting agitation about the state of my flight(s) home starting at 11:59 p.m. on the eve of Christmas Eve. There’s not much to know when there is more than 24 hours until my flight. Reports are flooding in that I am tuned to of friends and friends of friends being stranded in airports across North America in their attempt to leave or arrive in Vancouver.

Two years ago, I also flew out at midnight on Christmas Eve and connected through Montreal and we were half an hour delayed leaving Vancouver. I missed my connecting flight to Halifax and for the first time in my life, I was flying on standby, watching packed aircraft take off and wondering how many more to go before there was a seat for me. In total, I was six hours delayed on a seven-hour journey!

Let’s hope things clear up for long enough for my flight home to be smooth, okay?

On this day..


  1. Michelle says:

    So…how did the flight situation go? The airports were pretty crazy here as well. I’m hoping this is the end of the snow.

  2. wyn says:

    Surprisingly, really smoothly! The airport I was wary about returning to was in the one spot in Canada where there were no delays going in or coming out. A little delay leaving didn’t blow everything and I was on all of my original flights! :)

  3. teahouse says:

    Stupid West Coast snowstorm! I had to get in touch with an attorney in Seattle last week, and he was snowed in for a couple of days. So our deal got delayed..grrr..

  4. wyn says:

    Yeah, it’s so wild how life has to go on pause in some respects for the West Coasties who are ill-/not equipped to handle the snow. I was sorry to not spend Christmas in Vancouver… but it seems not much is going on due to the weather!

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