Superior Scribbler, huh?

So, Michelle gave me a nod and awarded me this scribbling award despite not blogging here (or anywhere) for, oh… three or four weeks. I think I will blog again before Christmas.

Truthfully, I don’t get that inspiration to blog quite as often as I used to. I might be in a funk. I may currently be away from my largest inspiration: running. I might have to post from my many photos to remind people that I still exist. Whatever it may be, I seem to be constantly “working on it”. And, believe me, I want a resolution, too.

(A whimsical explanation of the award and directions on how to make it a tag-and-pass-it-along blog game appears at the scholastic scribe.)


  1. tonyj says:

    currently be away from my largest inspiration: running

    Sorry to hear that, I guess I shouldn’t be hounding you then.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m not kidding! Your blog is great, despite your absence. You’re just a tad busy…

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