From before (American) Thanksgiving in the end of November, there’s been a suitcase in my hallway from which clothes are exploding. While it pleasantly reminds me of recent travels, it stresses me out with the feeling that I am similarily all over the place. I can’t remember when last my hallway was clear and you can, if you wish, extend that as a metaphor for my mental/emotional state.

Slowly but surely (like the horrifically bogged down Vancouver airport on the night of January 4, 2009), I’m getting through my list of Things That Will Make My Life Better. To wit, the following is what I have accomplished (or not) so far:

* Cleaning up my dining table-come-junk drawer
* Sorting clothes into my new chest of drawers and getting rid of clothing I don’t wear (not necessarily to make more room for clothing)
* Take care of holiday gift returns to unclutter other corners of my apartment
* Figure out the direction of my continuing studies (i.e., what discipline)
* Volunteer – details to follow when I’ve confirmed that, too – there are several hoops to jump through and I fear I will trip and fall flat
* Make reservations to participate in DineOut Vancouver
* Register for a blogging conference in February
* Nail down a running schedule now that I’ve rashly registered for a full marathon in May and breaking out from the Running Room (scheduling issues mainly due to class(es), volunteering, and wanting to have a social life on Saturdays….)

Surely this list will be all crossed off by Chinese New Year (January 26)!

On this day..