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Taking baby steps and only a year later than originally postulated (originally, by my birthday last year), I have finally made more permanent-looking and personalized my space on the Internet!

All this because in a day, I will be attending my first blogging conference and I just couldn’t be advertising my blogspot address to fellow attendees and on the Moo calling cards I ordered. =P

I’m excited about the all-day conference – hello, if you’ve surfed here from the conference! – where the discussions and insight are bound to nurture bloggers from new ones to the very veteran.

While I’m working on my personal site, I am also working on one for my parents’ restaurant business. Putting into practice all the methods and technologies that I’ve only been reading about for years is exhilerating! To round things out in my tidy theme, as if my plate weren’t brimming from other commitments, I will soon begin a course called Writing for the Web that is part of a Technical Writing certificate program.

Changes are finally in motion….

On this day..

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  1. michelle says:

    I noticed a Jane Austen book you have read! I, on the other hand, haven’t read a single one of her books (nor seen any of the movies). Gah!

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