The Reminiscing Meme

I did a similar meme five years ago and loved realizing how much things had changed over the ten years it queried. Here is another ‘Reminiscing Meme’, as I call them, I saw on Michelle’s blog that asks slightly different questions.

How much have you changed in 8 years?

** 8 YEARS AGO (March 2001)​ *​*

1 How old were you?

2 Who were you datin​g?
No one – amidst a dry spell that was not broken until summer 2001.

3 Where​ did you work?
Was a year away from graduating, quite enjoying the challenge of third-year biochem and orgo (organic chem) courses.

4 Where​ did you live?
At with my parents and sister in Deep Suburbia, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

5 Where​ did you hang out?
Divided my studying time between Killam (the university library) and CSB (the Computer Science Building). Went out with my girlfriends clubbing, like, every two weeks.

6 Did you wear conta​cts and/​or glass​es?

7 Who was your best frien​d?
Vinnie and Mona – I met them in summer/remedial chem class in summer 1999. One of my ex-boyfriends.

8 How many tatto​os did you have?
None, but a blue blob of a birthmark on my ankle gets mistaken for one.

9 How many pierc​ings did you have?

10 What kind of car did you drive​?
Parents’ gunmetal gray Dodge Caravan.

11 Had you been to a real party​?

12 Had you had your heart​ broke​n?
Yes. Just once and I was warped and jaded already.

13 Were you Singl​e/​Taken​/​Marri​ed/​Divor​ced?

14 Any Kids?
No. Wasn’t even thinking of that as something in my future.

** 5 YEARS​ AGO (March 2004)​ *​*

1 How old were you?

2 Who were you datin​g?
No one. Broke up with someone in January. Conscientiously took a 3-month break. But was trying to start something up when that 3-month hiatus came to a close. ;)

3 Where​ did you work at the time?
Was a graduate student in Computer Science.

4 Where​ did you live?
Dartmouth, still, with my family.

5 Where​ did you hang out?
My graduate computer science lab. Downtown Halifax, still clubbing. I was also “hanging out” online.

6 Did you wear conta​cts and/​or glass​es?

7 Who were your best frien​d(​s)?
Vinnie and Mona. I think Mona was living in the U.S. by then being an awesome high-tech consultant.

8 How many tatto​os did you have?
None. I often forget that I have a blue blob of a birthmark on my ankle.

9 How many pierc​ings did you have?
Two. One in each ear.

10 What car did you drive​?
Same – parents’ Dodge Caravan.

11 Have you had your heart​ broke​n?
Yes. Oh yes. (Twice since you last asked, three years ago.)

12 Were you Singl​e/​Taken​/​Marri​ed/​Divor​ced?

13 Any Kids?
No. But with the sudden -gasp- realization that I would likely get married someday to someone and have a kid or two.

*​* ​TODAY​ (March 2009)​ *​*

1 Age?
31… newly minted.

2 Where​ do you work?
Engineering firm in project administration/production/technical editing, as of today.

3 Where​ do you live?
Vancouver, in an apartment located in the center of it all. :)

4 Who are your close​st frien​ds?
Vinnie and Mona. They live far, far away in different cities in Ontario. NPY: the boyfriend. And the little sister, MY.

5 Do you talk to your old frien​ds?
The girls, yes. The boys… not really. That says something about why the boys and I became friends in the first place, doesn’t it?

6 How many pierc​ings do you have?
Two, same.

7 How many tatto​os?

8 What kind of car do you have?
Relying on Vancouver’s public transit, as of today.

9 Has your heart​ been broke​n?
Yes, unfortunately. One more time since five years before.

10 Singl​e/​Taken​/​Marri​ed/​Divor​ced/​Engag​ed?
Taken! (Finally I can say that in this meme!)

11 How many kids?
None. Unsure again about kids.

How much have you change in 8 years?

I like how certain things have changed: moving away from home, asserted my independence, leaving the clutch and safety of school, found a steady romantic relationship.

I also like how some things have stayed the same: that is primarily my girlfriends… good eyesight… and not going crazy and getting piercings all over!

On this day..

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  1. michelle says:

    That’s great that you did this, too.

    As you mentioned, I haven’t had a broken heart. But, I failed to mentioned that I guarded it so fiercely it’s only taken a special someone to get through. He’s passed all heart security tests, so to speak.

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