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It started innocently enough when I wanted to map the grocery stores (green pins) in my neighbourhood, the Cambie Street Corridor (or Cambie Village, if you please) since a big competitor is set to open its doors on April 29.

When I moved in four years ago, my supermarket selection was much smaller but adequate. Safeway is everyone’s local grocery store and covers everything if not well and your pocketbook pays for the convenience. Two vegetables and fruits markets (Kin’s and A&L) existed that make me feel healthy just to patronize them. And, although I never ventured there, there is the ultra-healthy option of Choices Markets further south than I usually care to venture.

Within the past two years, two fancy supermarkets opened up: Capers is more central and puts the rustic-looking Choices to shame; Save On Foods is for the normal people and feels like a Real Canadian Superstore in size, feel, and prices compared to the staid old Safeway.

So I’m perplexed about what the Whole Foods will do to the balance of grocers in the area. Something’s gotta give, right? Some people have speculated the Safeway but I could confirm today they are undergoing renovations. Market experts have speculated the new Capers would fold and it is incidentally owned by Whole Foods who is moving in. I don’t know how the old Choices market doesn’t collapse all these years….

And then of course I wanted to share with you my favourite Chinese restaurants – the area is very adequate insofar as Vancouver West-side neighbourhoods go – which lead to pinning my favourite Asian restaurants… because it’s all about food…. :)

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  1. wyn says:

    Actually, I was outside the Capers on Cambie&16th today and they are “moving” to the Whole Foods location effective a few days before the date of the grand opening of Whole Foods (Capers’ parent company), 7 blocks away. I’ll update the map accordingly.

    Now I wonder what will move into that big and elegant space on the ground floor of that rather new condo block.

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