Mapping It Out

Why did I not play with Google My Maps until now??

I’ve already become dependent on Google products, deeply integrating them into my life: GMail, Google Reader (106 subscriptions), Google Documents (my comprehensive to-do list and documents I share with NPY), Google Calendar (I have 2 calendars for separate activities) and, until recently, I was using Blogger by Google.

Using Google My Maps came about first because I was using it for work. For that case, I couldn’t stab and change the placemark colour for my 1,000+ points so I started learning the mark-up language, KML, to display the dataset. It pleases me very much to get to work behind the scenes.

My KML trial map consisting of 6 points that I’ve editted into the above diagram: my house, NPY’s house, our former workplaces, and our current workplaces in the city. You see how two of those points overlap each other? That’s my house and my current workplace! Then I was on to other fun uses….

Upon “discovering” My Maps – it’s not like I hadn’t seen lots and lots of Google Maps mash-up online – the major fun use of it is to plan our New York trip! My map is getting  cluttered but delightfully so.

And, would you know it, despite having a four-day weekend, I spend a great deal of the (rainy) afternoons virtually chained to my computer compulsively looking up attractions and restaurants to pin to my map!?

On this day..