I’ve decided I need more culture (and excitement) in my life….!

For starters, next month, NPY will be taking our biggest trip together to date: four days in Halifax and four days in New York City. NPY has never been to either of those cities so I’m super-excited about him going and me getting to be with him for such an experience.

I think I’m suffering from burnout (or boredom) regarding running. When you do nothing but running like I do, each run completed ┬áis just to be better at the next run. It can feel like an endless cycle (that ends with the marathon on May 3). I wouldn be exhilerated to see an improvement in my badminton. Or to diversify with an aerobics style I’m trying out, Nia technique.

Finally, I’ve line up some theatre tickets: VACT’s production of Flower Drum Song and Gateway Theatre’s production of Train. To the latter show, I’m going alone! We will watch something in NYC (Wicked? Lion King?). I have also acquired the Vancouver Entertainment Book and intend to use coupons within to get Arts Club tickets to watch Les Mis and Altar Boyz!

On this day..


  1. michelle says:

    I missed Flower Drum Song when it was in Seattle. So jealous!

  2. BB says:

    Wicked! Definitely Wicked – I saw Wicked recently in NYC & Lion King in London a few years ago. I recommend Wicked.

    Have a good trip.

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