The Night before Marathon #4

I’m blogging the night before my fourth marathon because I can. Usually I have been away in a different city and NPY is with me in our hotel room and everything is an unknown.

Tomorrow, the route could not be more familiar and that is comforting while driving me nuts. I’m going to hate the long loops we make in south False Creek and in Kits.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything….
* Select race outfit – check
* Pin race bib on shirt – check
* Bottles of Gatorade chilling in the fridge – check
* Timing chip pinned on runners – check
* That better be pinned on the correct pair of shoes!! – check
* Upload songs and podcasts and to iPod Shuffle – check
* Charge up Garmin and iPod – check
* Sleep at 10 – okay, maybe 11

I have 5.9 hours of music and podcasts to entertain me tomorrow. So here’s a sneak peak… and I know there are some heavy metal songs that I won’t enjoy….!
* Run – Amy MacDonald
* Still Running – Chevelle
* Don’t Stop at the Top – Children of Bodom
* Run It – Chris Brown
* Don’t Stop Pushing It Now – Dan Winter
* Running from the Thoughts – Dub Pistols
* Run to the Sun – Erasure
* Can’t Stop Feeling – Franz Ferdinand
* Running Away – Hoobastank
* Can’t Stop Me – Jadakiss
* Don’t Stop Believing – Journey vs. The Hitmaker
* Where Are We Running – Lenny Kravitz
* Always on the Run – Lenny Kravitz
* We Run This – Missy Elliot
* Can’t Stop the Rain – Ne-Yo
* I Don’t Wanna Stop – Ozzy Osbourne
* You Better Run – Pat Benetar
* Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
* Can’t Stop Me – Rasmus
* Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Don’t Stop Movin’ – S Club 7
* Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now – Samantha Fox
* Can’t Stop Moving – Sonny J
* Stop Running Away – Telepopmusik
* Where Do You Run To – Vivian Girls

* CBC Quirks & Quarks – science discussion podcast
* CBC Comedy Factor – this week’s funniest segments
* Two BBC Documentaries – potentially really boring and depressing
* CBC Spark – discussions on new media and technology
* Glasner on Film – this week it’s about the X-Men movie!
* CBC Metro Morning – news from Toronto and this week it’s all about swine flu
* CBC Between the Covers – last chapter of Chokecherry and the first installment of Memory Book
* A five-minute NPR “This I Believe” essay
* CBC Definitely Not The Opera – pop culture segments – this week it’s about making mistakes!

On this day..


  1. Ben says:

    All the best, Wyn! Will be cheering for ya!

  2. wyn says:

    Thanks!! 75 minutes to go. Did not want to leave my bed. Very grateful the start line is close by.

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