Trashy Summer Reads ’09

I can’t help jumping the gun because some days (not today), there are 13 straight hours of brilliant sunshine.

I fantasize spreading out a blanket at the local park and reading something lightweight with oversized glasses but the reality is something usually comes up! I will, however, be able to sneak bites at the following novels I’ve got lined up for guilty girly reading pleasure….

The Guy Not Taken: Stories: This is my first Jennifer Weiner book but I have seen, and enjoyed, In Her Shoes, however faithful to the novel that was. I was drawn to the short stories compilation by the title, of course, and feel that a consolation is that I’m not stuck too long on a particular story if I don’t enjoy the characters.

Intuition: This 2006 novel involves drama and scandal (and romance?) in a virology (or microbiology) lab. Oh my! It’s been on my to-read list for a while and I can read it now that I have some distance and closure on that part of my life.

Happy Family: A Novel: At first, this novel resided on my Consider To Buy list but further exploration reveals it’s a New York City nanny drama novel with a Chinese protaganist. So it’s going to be my somewhat current (published 2008) summer read!

Lipstick Jungle: I was very sad that the television show ended after just two seasons because I’m a big fan of Lindsay Price, dating back to her All My Children (soap opera) days in 1991! I also became a Nico+Kirby fan and through reading the novel, I can complete the story and bury the memories knowing what Candace Bushnell had intended all along.

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  1. michelle says:

    I’m a big Jennifer Weiner fan, but I like her earlier stuff a lot better – In Her Shoes and Good in Bed. I’m also hoping for the 13 straight hours of sunshine. It’s hard to believe it’s possible with all the wet we’ve been getting lately.

  2. Hooray for trashy summer reads!! I LOVE that summer is almost here…

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