wyn and NPY do the East Coast: Halifax

Yay, I’m back and it feels like I’ve had a second job this week uploading, captioning, tagging, and deliberating on photographs from a mere ten days spend on the Right, er, East Coast….

First off, you must know that NPY was along for the ride – and I do plan a crazy ride – and he was Meeting the Parents for the first time. However, it went smoothly, much unlike the movie, and only I felt a twinge of guilt that while I was physically in Halifax, I kind of had to be devoted to NPY rather than my family. Next time….

NPY encountered many firsts and it was super-fun to consider how being in good ole Halifax was blowing his mind: eating a whole boiled lobster with his own hands that he witness be netted at the market (from a pool of lobsters); going further east in Canada than ever in his life; flying such a distance with his fly-happy (and might I add, fantastic) NuPY*; distanced from his university days, visiting and admiring my cozy and grand old university; working in hospitality and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the mechanisms of a restaurant on one of its busiest days of the year – Mother’s Day.

It was a new experience for me, too. For once, I was out and about in Halifax during the two days we had to sightsee. Usually I spend all of my time with my family and at the house. I was seeing Halifax through his eyes as a lifer in Vancouver.

For NPY, he got to see where I’m from, enhancing his understanding of me. Halifax can feel sleepy even by comparison to Vancouver and my chatter about my university years while thoroughly exploring Dalhousie Campus emphasized how limited we were in a way – but oh how we enjoyed it anyhow. But mostly it was seeing me falling so naturally into some habits with my family and our quirky dynamics that explained a lot to him about me.

So, kicking off our east coast sojourn with a relaxing stint in Halifax was an undeniable success!

* NuPY = that’s me! It is abbreviated from the Chinese term for girlfriend, nu3 peng2 you3. NPY, as a reminder, is abbreviated from the Chinese term for boyfriend, nan2 peng2 you3.
** Oh, I forgot to provide the link to my Halifax set on Flickr.

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