wyn and NPY do the East Coast: New York City

While I have been to New York at least twice in my life before, NPY had never been so we hopped on the opportunity to show him something new and to visit his long-time friend who has been working and living it up in New York for several years. The last time I was in New York was in 2001 or earlier on a family trip and I can only recall a large part of my time occupied with being on a private Chinese tour of Manhattan then a larger Chinese tour of Washington, D.C. It was also pre-digital camera days and my photo souvenirs were scant and abysmally blurry. So this time around was a different trip for me, too, as I was going as a grown-up with free reign of my time and purse.

Although I tend to think about what I missed out doing, stepping back, I’m impressed by the places we went to (at least an hour): Broadway play #1: The Phantom of the Opera * Broadway play #2: Avenue Q * Columbus Circle * Central Park * Fifth Avenue * Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island * Chinatown * SoHo * Times Square (where NPY’s friend has an apartment) * St. Mark’s Place * The Met * Museum of Natural History * Columbia University / Morningside Heights area * MoMA * Empire State Building * Century 21 * Pylones * Koreatown * MTA (the subway) * New York taxis

I was most ecstatic about some of our meals because we encountered food I’ve never before encountered (and is years and years away from arriving in Vancouver): tofu desserts at kyotofu (pictured here) and rice pudding shop Rice to Riches. (“Am I going to like rice pudding?”, I skeptically asked the sister, MY, before we went.) We managed to go back to R-to-R for a second round of rice pudding!

Yes, amazingly, that can all be done in the four days we had!! It was crazy! There are so many pictures! And oh so satisfying to have made something of the time we were away!

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  1. GirlonTour says:

    Hey nice personalised blog! I will have to update my blogroll. I cannot wait to get to NY someday. There are some wonderful healthy restaurants I am dying to check out there like Rockin Raw and One Lucky Duck. Yum!

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