dance dance dance

The initial idea was to replace running with dancing. But with a 90-minute ballet class costing $18 (or $14 at my reduced rate) per, I go approximately once every two weeks*. I really wish it was as often as once a week (Monday, after work) but once you insert a commute time, well, I am dragging my feet no matter if all the other factors are in favour of me going: gloriously sunny day conducive to walk to and from class and nothing else demanding my attention or presence in the evening.

Returning to dance even in my casual way gives me confidence again as a dancer. I liked hanging out recently in the basement rec room of Herb’s bachelor pad townhouse with someone’s iPhone plugged into the stereo system and chanelling my clubbing days or practicing a retiré.

When NPY introduced me to the reality shows he likes so very very very much, the snob that I am, I scoffed. You know exactly why I am skeptical: the fact it’s not real and pure if it’s televised, most of the votes being cast by women thus talent might take a back seat in a co-ed competition to young men’s good looks, and the histrionics and stupid dramatic pauses of the hosts during elimination shows. I still scoff at ABDC but have softened towards So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). Annoying sassy show name aside, I initially wasn’t impressed with the emphasis on hip hop, the wild popularity of any contemporary or hip hop piece done to a currently chart-topping Top 40 song, and the youth of the contestants.

But I find myself tuning into the show every week, and not just to have something to share with NPY. A performance show of SYTYCD – and NPY would add “when it’s on his plasma tv” – is like a front row seat to a great, moderately cultural, inspiring, verifible dance performance.

Am I just saying the obvious? Since I’m so mature and classic by nature (:D), I wanted to root for that other dance show that is undeniably geared for a more mature audience but inevitably I get bored by the second episode of the season. What the stars learn in a short time span is very impressive but I find it more “gossipy” and ultimately more flashy with sparkly and sexy costumes sharing the spotlight with the dancing. The SYTYCD dancers are 100% passionate about dance, the choreographers are diverse and decorated in their genres – it’s as pure as dance can be in the digestable, slightly sensational television format.

* A not entirely related transplant tidbit: One Friday afternoon, I went to The Dance Shop to pick up all I needed to be a proper ballerina and to be horrified by how there are so many choices now for the modern ballerina just in her leotard style and colours! I asked if they had tights with the seam up the back of the leg and was informed that none of the schools in Vancouver are requesting it and so they don’t keep it in stock. Apparently it’s an East Coast ballet thing. Something to pick up when I’m home next!

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