wyn goes a little bonkers for Eagles and Google Maps

I think we have clearly established how I’m finding reasons to create personalized Google maps for anything greater than 2 destinations within a city :D.

For the past few weeks, I have been combining that useful app with the latest thing to turn my whimsical head: Eagles in the City, public art/sculpture/painting that can be found in locations across the Vancouver Lower Mainland and beyond.

I have not particularly enjoyed the past two installments: orcas from before I moved here and the tail end of the spirit bears when I first arrived. I thought orcas were cliche while the bears look like amorphous blobs. The eagles, in my opinion, are not much better because from afar they look like surfboards hovering on their short edge above concrete; however, they are big nearly flat canvas(es) upon which the artists can work and express something different this time around.

As silly as I realize it sounds to go “tracking” down the Eagles in the City, uploading, tagging, geotagging, etc., I shrug because it’s just me to want a complete collection (insofar as the areas I care to visit in Vancouver). It is also undeniably a good side effect to have gone for that walk to find that next Eagle, and I can’t help but wanting to share my findings and photos with you!

Et voila – My Google map & Flickr photos of Eagles in the City, 2009

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  1. michelle says:

    I love those animal sculptures! It’s like a treasure hunt and a surprise when you see one in an unexpected location.

  2. wyn says:

    Yes! I fondly remember visiting Michelle in December ’05 and happening across many Nutcrackers in Seattle in our walk across town. To me, Nutcrackers in Seattle, lobsters in Halifax, and moose in Toronto (I haven’t seen many of the last two) rank amongst my favourite public art “creatures”. :)

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