Vancouver-Centric 100 Things to Eat Before You Die

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One of the things I would miss a lot if I left Vancouver is the dining options.

My apartment’s proximity to a great eating distict/neighbourhood (after decades of living in the suburbs) makes me think in passing that I live in a cool Asian city where I can walk down from my apartment and be greeted at street-level with a buffet of restaurant offerings. In truth, I have to walk about 5 blocks and it’s not a true buffet; still, it is a far cry from having to drive just to get anywhere when you’re living in the ‘burbs.

For all that, I have tried a paltry twelve items from Vancouver Magazine’s list of 101 things to eat in Vancouver.* Without further ado, I am re-presenting the list with my own comments as follows.

Bold – Things I have tried from those specified suppliers or something close enough
Italicized – Foods that have been on my radar for a while, but I haven’t tried yet
Left plain – Foods I had no idea were so high on the “must-try” list!

1. Raspberry Wheat Ale – Granville Island Breweries
2. Salmon Tacones – Go Fish
3. Gyu Yukke – Gyoza King (Been to G.K., but didn’t order this!)
4. Thomas Haas’ Double-Baked Almond Croissant – 49th Parallel (Will seek this one out now!)
5. Rabbit Sausage – Cioffi’s
6. Smoked Beef Tenderloin –JN&Z Deli
7. Hercule De Carlevoix cheese – Mount Pleasant Cheese Shop (Hey, that’s close to my house! I can do this one!)
8. Clayburn Raspberry Jam – Sugar & Co 9. Chef’s Chicken Salad – Koon Bo
10. Honey Doughnuts – Honey Doughnuts and Goodies (Have heard of them for a while but haven’t managed to have them.)
11. Foie Gras Parfait – Pied-a-Terre
12. Raincoast Crisps (Tried a couple other brands to know the idea.)
13. Dark Chocolate Carmelitas – Chocolate Arts
14. European Deli Hummus – European Deli
15. Lavash Bread – Yaas Bakery
16. Nk’mip Pinot Noir (Much better yet is their 2006 ice wine!!)
17. Arepas – Baru Latino
18. Kashk-eh-bodem jahn – Kashcool
19. Chocolate-Walnut Rugelach – Siegel’s Bagels (nice small pastry, that is buttery like shortbread!)
20. The Doug Special – Vera’s Burger Shack (I would try this, and share it with someone!)
21. Mariage Freres Tea – Urban Tea Merchant
22. Vanilla-Salt Chocolates – Wendy Boys
23. Penne with Wild Boar – Cioppino’s
24. David Wood’s Chevre
25. Savary Island’s Tourtiere
26. Black Hills Alibi
27. Green Party Cocktail – Ocean Club
28. Cricket Bread – Vij’s (NPY said he would try this!)
29. Deep-Fried Zucchini Blossoms – Cioppino’s
30. Japadog (Terimayo is the signature and best creation.)
31. Kobe Meatballs – Italian Kitchen
32. Topanga Cafe Chocolate Cake
33. Deep-Fried Frog’s Legs – Phnom Penh
34. Sablefish – Finest at Sea Seafoods
35. Wild White Salmon – Elixir
36. Friulano Salumi – Moccia Italian Meat Market
37. Abalone – C
38. Polenta Fries – Cascade
39. Vegetarian Poutine – Templeton
40. Venturi-Schultze Balsamic Vinegar
41. Solly’s Kosher Pickle
42. C Citrus Salt
43. Spot Prawns
44. Ambrosia Apple (What’s the big deal about this? I didn’t think much of it.)
45. Barese Sausage – Columbus Meat Market
46. Ramen at Motomachi Shokudo (Have had great ramen at several shops but not this one, yet. Ed. July 2010, I finally did try M.S. in 2009 on YY’s suggestion. Pricey but healthier and I love getting highly unique charcoal bamboo ramen!)
47. Pan de Sal – Aling Mary
48. Taboo Absinthe
49. Tiger Blue Cheese
50. Shiitake Mushrooms at Bo Kong
51. Mission Hill Oculus Cherries
52. Georgian Baguettes – European Breads Bakery (I don’t see the big deal)
53. Double Chocolate Porter – Phillips Brewing Co.
54. Rosemary Raspberry Sea Salt – Maison Cote
55. Scallops in Octopus Bacon – C
56. Lamb Bacon – Fuel
57. Bad Girl Hazelnut Truffles
58. Xiaolongbao – Lin’s (NPY liked them and I can eventually try them. Shanghai Wind has the best, in popular opinion.)
59. Liege Waffles – Patisserie Lebeau
60. Stock Market’s Hot Porridge
61. Butter Baked Goods’ Marshmallows (Got them from Capers, not Butter.)
62. Beer-Injected Fried Oyster – Nu
63. Soda Bread – Savary Island
64. Stellaport
65. Smoked Bison Carpaccio – Boneta
66. Dodonis Feta Cheese – Pantheon Supermarket
67. Stamina Roll – Blue Water Cafe (will go next year for Dine Out and add this roll!)
68. Osake Premium Sake – Granville Island
69. Burrata – Les Amis du Fromage
70. Moroccan Chicken Wings – Habit
71. Sweet Georgia Browns – Purdy’s (Around Christmas, two additional variations become available which are better!)
72. House Special Pho – Thai Son Vietnamese (Have had pho at plenty of places around town but not Thai Son. My favourite toppings include thinly sliced raw beef that cooks in the soup and Chinese-style meatballs.)
73. Sandwiches at So.Cial
74. Quail’s Gate Old Vines Foch (Had their gewurztraminer and it was so good!)
75. Financiers – Ganache Patisserie
76. Hy’s Stuffed Potatoes
77. Ethical Bean Coffee
78. Farmhouse Alpine Gold Cheese
79. Muc Tuio Rang Muoi – Phomn Penh
80. Chocolati’s Hot Chocolate
81. Fuel’s Fried Chicken
82. Cru’s Macaroni and cheese (Burgoo’s mac ‘n’ cheese is famous and I’ve tried that one.)
83. Bliss Maple Syrup
84. Thierry Busset’s Tiramisu – CinCin
85. Natural Pastures Mozzarella di Bufala
86. Milsean Dark Chocolate
87. Tofu Doughnuts – Congee Noodle House (What a misnomer, called them “dough sticks” as they are commonly known.)
88. Oysters with Horseradish Snow – Gastropod (Tried this during DineOut, actually. We don’t like horseradish and we don’t like raw oysters.)
89. Biltong – African Breeze
90. Hazlenuts – Canadian Hazlenuts
91. Ukranian Church Perogies
92. Eleni Olive Oil
93. Sumac Ridge Steller’s Jay Brut
94. Pupusas – Rinconcito Salvadoreno
95. Belacan
96. Cocoa Nymph’s Ila Chocolates
97. Blue Fig Martini – Chambar
98. Naam Miso Gravy (It’s bottled so I will give it a try.)
99. Quadra Island Honey Mussels
100. Gelato – Brazza (Ah! An interview I went to was at Brazza and I declined gelato! It’s out of the way in North Van.) (ed: finally got around to Brazza gelato Apr.3/11)
101. Matsutake (Pine) Mushrooms

* First, it was the Omnivore 100 that is a bit generic, then it was the artery-busting North American version of the meme. Finally, the eating meme went local–and by that, relevent to me–with a Vancouver Magazine version. There are even pictures for each of the 101 items!

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