Look Book

The little sister, MY, is quite an advocate for the Joe Fresh line of clothing you can find while also at The Real Atlantic/Great Canadian Superstore for groceries… and I can’t say that I disagree.

The prices are so reasonable–$89 for a coat! $29 for fall shoes!–and then if you live close to one or do your grocery shopping at a Superstore, you can check often and get the quality clothing on sale! Which MY has done and so have my girlfriends here who delight over finding clearance shoes for $5 and a blouse for $7! As for me, I go infrequently so I only really buy things full price.

Not being a shopper extraordinaire, I get a little worried when there’s tons of choices and only fine differences between them so I enjoy the simple 5-page Joe Fresh Look Book of their cutest looks. NPY scoffs at buying clothes where you also buy your milk and bread but he’s been tricked by the glossy marketing and the cute pieces to think he was looking upon a Gap ad. ;-)

I sat up straighter in my chair, of course, because of the black watch-like plaid coat. (Mind you, in 2007 NPY got me a BW short peacoat from AE. Then in 2008, he got me the BW down jacket, also from AE.) I also enjoy very much the sleek black-on-black look and so I put both look book photos side-by-side because both looks, honestly, are how I think of myself.

I’m anxious to go to Superstore now!

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