Amateur, but awesome, tailor

I’m home for the holidays (of course) and working a lot at the restaurant (of course) and trying not to waste the short time I am back here by, say, blogging. However, since I had snapped the pictures anyway, I thought I’d share the magnificent talent that is the little sister’s, MY, tailoring skills.

She made every piece you see here including a great coat that was inspired by a Ralph Lauren coat, all made since the last time I saw her in May. You can click on the images to arrive at the corresponding Flickr image page.

I’m so disappointed that she did not make a second periwinkle short-sleeved dress, black sheath dress (that is so perfectly LBD), blazer, or coat for me, but a dress for me seems to be on the horizon…. ;-)

It has taken years for MY to make her seams flawless and capture the image in her mind in her clothes. Still, I so envy how her dress-making seems both an art and utterly practical!

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