It’s just like me. From afar, I saw my director’s coffee cup one day during a meeting and I was fascinated. Are those really wavy grooves on the surface? Is that the Vancouver skyline?* Is it a reuseable container that looks like a take-away coffee cup? Which coffee shop did he get it from? What other city skylines exist?

I just had to know!!

The coffee is from Cultured Coffee & Tea, the new(ish) coffee shop on the second level of City Square, the small mall local to my workplace. My source–not my director–swears by their Americanos while I was happy to get anything in that pretty cup. Paperandplasticpackaging.ca is printed under the cup but right now, there’s not information to glean about their products. For now, I still wonder which other city-patriotic coffee shops also use these cups… there are lovely skyline mugs for every city but this is a pretty and impressive free treat with your overpriced coffee.

* When you see the Canada Place sails, it is quite unmistakeably Vancouver.

On this day..

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  1. Paige says:

    that is a pretty cup, pretty enough to make one buy a coffee just to carry the cup; I would wash and dry it carefully just so I could reuse it over and over and over again; think green!

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