Stuff for runner girls

I can be such a poser. Given a wall of girly magazines as choices for light reading during a flight, I skipped over Cosmo, Marie Claire, Glamor, and the like for the latest issue of Runner’s World. I’m not that ardent a runner to devour every issue of RW but I certainly have an interest in a given issue’s contents and it’s far better for my “image” for the cover story to scream “Lose 10 Pounds (The Right Way)” rather than “6 Moves to Drive Him Wild in Bed (and the Move he wants you to try tonight!)“.

The articles about athletes’ training and racing stories, training tips, new apparel and shoes, and health and diet tips are educational and inspiring but I have to admit that the back pages of advertisements of running-related products also really captured my attention!

Of course, the marathon charm bracelets from i declare! charms caught my eye the most. It turns out that many companies either solely sell sports-related charm bracelets and jewelry or include them in their inventory, but i declare! seems to have the nicest website of them all… and correspondingly the highest prices. I’m scheming about getting a “Runner’s Brag Bracelet” ($85, pictured here) that includes the bracelet (“Tiffany style charm bracelet”), one personalized charm (would read “victoria 26.2”), a runner girl charm, and the 26.2 footprint.

I also like how Finish Line Charms & Gifts have international and state charms. (The charm for Canada is really cute!)

I always see a Sporty Jewels kiosk at the run expos. It’s nice to be able to browse their selection at home but I keep on hesitating and not buying a sterling silver marathon ring because it’s USD$65 and doesn’t look very ladylike at all.

… If I wear a hole through a race t-shirt, I should keep it around and either send it to Campus Quilt to turn into a giant quilt or learn how to make one of my own….

Heavy Medalz features Sport Hooks that are fancier–but take up more space–than my present configuration: a medal board. It makes me want to hack my own Sport Hooks from Ikea.

Finally… there’s the scrapbook. I once lamented about what to do with all the lucky red pockets I receive at Chinese New Year but am superstitious about throwing out and an idea was floated to me to make a collage; I think that same commenter also pins her race bibs on her wall. So I considered making a collage of my race bibs (all 28 of them, so far)… except the size of the frame would break me! I have other paraphernalia and photos for most races and the mixed media inspired me to make my first physical “scrapbook”, all about marathoning!

But those details will come in another post….

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