One Big Bad Week

Summer is drawing to a close way too quickly. I was saddened last week when I was working for my parents and it was frightfully dark already at 8:30. I do not appreciate all of Vancouver’s seasons equally even if the rains bring so-called lush greenery, and am only grateful that imminent cool weather will make flies go into hibernation (or die or whatever) and despite it raining seemingly 95 of 100 days, I really am grateful my commute is really short.

In some respects, I had the most boring summer ever. Didn’t rollerblade once. Did the Grouse Grind just once, and it was a work thing. I had sorta-patiotime just once with Cari. We went on a shopping roadtrip just once. I read eight books, all of the “Asian American Literature” genre. And I went to 24 dance classes, about 45 total 3-km walks to/from downtown on my own footpower.

But this year, just like in 2008, I enjoyed a week off in August to visit “back East”, a full 9 days in Halifax with the parents. It’s too short and too long all at once and a plain luxury to be able to take time off and check in on Mummy and Daddy.

Within the week that I’ve been back–which fell within one of the most grueling, but exhilerating, work months–we just happened to have a few special events so it doesn’t rain but it pours.

NPY surprised me by having Lady Gaga concert tickets for Tuesday night. We actually saw her December 2009 show for the same Monster Ball Tour at the Queen Elizabeth Centre. NPY sprung it on me when I was dead-tired from flying in from Halifax and the thought of a concert starting at 8 pm made me feel old and tired. But I got a much-needed night’s sleep and started to get excited for the concert throughout the day.

Being confined to a stage at the QE Centre and the August venue for the concert being GM Place Rogers Arena, it was mostly a different concert. The production could set up their maze of platforms, mobile neon sign condemning bad influences, and a stage extension complete with dropping overhanging structure. The back-up dancers were less faceless creepy leotard-wearing mannequins but Brooklyn-esque 80s punk rockers, and there was much more an electric guitar influence. This time, around, she had a new song from her next album showing a heavy blues slant. They truly went to the Monster Ball and it was, uh, a bit bloody. There was still, however, mesmerizingly lanky and fabulous male dancers and her call to arms to all the “little monsters” to be true to themselves. Despite work stress, the week’s stress, current stress, the inescapable music and party atmosphere could sweep you away.

Going to watch Kooza, the traveling Cirque de Soleil show to visit Vancouver this year, was also NPY’s idea. He did not see Corteo in Vancouver in 2008 (playing hockey, I think) so I got his seat and at first, I was disappointed that Kooza didn’t look as big a production, like there was less infrastructure to the show and the big top was actually smaller. But after the show begin, I don’t think either of us could yield to the magic they created. It was a simple story that allowed you to truly enjoy the technical superiority of the acts. Of course I was most dazzled and in awe of the contortionists and their strangely beautiful bodysuits accentuated their “perfect” forms. I also really enjoyed the unicycling duo, remarking to NPY about how slinky-like-a-snake the female could be while balancing and threading on/around her wobbly male unicycling partner. And the Wheel of Death was just thrilling and I screamed whenever the excitable little girl behind me shrieked–particularly when one of the men would have small missteps and trip up while hurtling close to the top of the tent! In addition, NPY was fascinated by the woman in the nearly nude bodysuit performing Hoops Manipulation; I was a little more blasé about that one!

Finally, our friends, a couple nicknamed DeeJay, are getting married on Saturday and it’s a nice way to end an exciting week being a part of the ceremony marking the beginning of their life together. And we’ll have a big dinner afterwards, which is as important. ;-)

The fact is, there just a few weeks left of summer so it’s all the more incentive to round it out properly, read more books, resume dance classes after work- and vacation-induced hiatus, and schedule more patiotime!

On this day..