20 Years

Apparently I wrote this in June 4, 2009. It is still quite relevant especially for some upcoming events….

Yesterday, I met up with two others in our group who are free, uninhibited, and fun- and sun-loving enough to kill off the night at a chill patio in downtown Vancouver. We talked about fun summer plans and infeasible-but-fun living arrangements. We ate and drank in such a way that is entirely unsustainable (so we won’t do it again for at least a week). We were self-congratulating about our current obligation-free lifestyles and chosen abodes in some of the coolest parts of town. And I had this momentary choked feeling and panic about change.

Change like moving out of my comfortable apartment of 4 years change (not imminently!). Like people who have been married “a while” looking ready to take that next step – kids. Like people beating me and NPY to the punch in getting married. It’s a tingly feeling I’m getting more than an actual barrage of announcements.

Today is June 4, 2009, exactly 20 years after the massacre and tragedy occurring in Tiananmen Square. We went to Hong Kong that summer for the fifth year in a row but we had fortunately not arranged to go until July. And, yes, we were a bit tremulous over in Halifax about what the environment would be like in HK — from my naive 11-year-old eyes, things were fairly normal in the south.

1989 was the last year we went back to summer in Hong Kong. Fast forward twenty years: awkward-as-heck junior high and high school years; my early years in university were filled with rebellion and my perception of the world turning upside down; I thought I had come into my own during my later university years — at least they were fun years; and then it was here where I finally learned and accepted who I am and who I’m not.

Where’s that crazy person (me) who just spontaneously booked a solo Christmas vacation to London in 2006? And then went to Germany and Sweden later the same year? Crazy person got a real job, a steady boyfriend with whom to share long-term goals,-

[I don’t know what the next thought was but that’s where I stopped writing the post. If I was going to say, “Carpe diem!” then I was misguided. Interestingly, my tingly feelings were spot on. The newly dating couple announced their engagement a few months later and are married by now. And two couples married 4 or 5 years have had their first child. You would probably say it wasn’t omniscience or psychic but just logical steps people take.]

On this day..