Alfred Sung Outdoor featuring… blackwatch plaid!

I don’t consider my day started off quite right unless I have my dose of the morning news via Canada AM, straight from the center of the country.

Yesterday, to my great delight, Alfred Sung was on the show to introduce his (new?) outdoor furniture collection, Alfred Sung Outdoor, which people can see if they attend the Interior Design Show in Toronto opening today and running through the weekend. And… the first furniture he showed was the Blackwatch Collection. Not surprisingly, if you follow his designs–I don’t, I don’t follow anyone–you’d notice he often has a blackwatch plaid item in his clothing collection because he’s a plaid nut, too, with a colourful plaid armchair in his house. The cherry on top was a shot of him wearing a blackwatch plaid blazer while seated in his Blackwatch Collection armchair!

Come to think of it, my blackwatch duvet set is Alfred Sung.

There are also solid colour outdoor furniture pieces for less plaid-nutty shoppers.

Update: I grabbed a screenshot of blackwatch plaid-clad Sung on his blackwatch plaid armchair!

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