Hadabesac. Don’t get fooled today!

We were talking about April Fool’s pranks over lunch yesterday and the only one from my past that I can remember was one propagated by a local radio station. It was probably c100 with their zany (read: annoying) morning team. There is (until this post) only one Google result for “Hadabesac” and for a moment I thought I had stumbled upon a GoogleWhack, but I was mistaken.

This prank dates back to my high school days since it pre-dated the amalgamation of several municipalities into Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in 1996. Four neighbouring municipalities were on the table to become a supercity: Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and Sackville. So the morning show informed the sleepy morning listeners that the proposed new name for the amalgamated city would equally acknowledge all participants by taking the first two (or three) letters of each municipality’s name to form… Hadabesac (ha-da-bee-sac)! They even unveiled the promotional jingle wherein a male crooning voice sang to the tune of a ¬†folk song I should know by name, “Hadabesac… Hadabesac…” I can still hear that song!

I can’t remember how long it took for me to figure out it was a joke but I certainly fell for it for a moment. Hey, I was under 18 years still at that point. At least I didn’t call in to the show enraged to have my rant aired for all the city to hear!


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