If inspiring quotes could literally bust fat….

I’d be a skinny b**** right now. :) Following up from my remarks on Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin, I thought I would share my favourite sayings to psych out and not eat as much as I want. I obviously need them tattooed to my hands because I do not consciously think of them every day, yet over the years they have risen to the top like cream and remain my favourite, resonating the most. (Mmmm, cream….)

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.
– I really believe this, that food should just functional, the source of our nutrients. But I love to try new places and socializing is so often wrapped up in a food context so my habits are at odds with what I really believe. This mantra is also at odds with my Cantonese culture that is famous for great cuisine!

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
– This, said by Kate Moss in a 2009 interview set a lot of tongues wagging because it gave the next generation of girls struggling with their weight and/or body image a really catchy mantra to go headlong into eating disorders.

Follow the Chinese saying: Eat until you are eight-tenths full.
– I can’t find the first place I heard of this, amongst a short list of food tips compiled by someone famous and presented very nicely on a web slideshow. While other accounts of the quote often say 80%, I thought it was seven-tenths what I had first read. Why can’t I follow a simple, practical Chinese saying?!

They’re slowly murdering themselves. Being fat isn’t a handicap you’re born with. It’s a lifestyle choice.
– This was said by Mario Lopez’s character, Mike Hamoui in the Nip/Tuck episode named Monica Wilder (s4e03). Mario Lopez had just returned to super-star hot hunk status after DWTS and guest-starred in Nip/Tuck as a super arrogant plastic surgeon, you know the kind so jaded by undisciplined patients getting a surgical fix from him while he sculpts himself entirely naturally.

Here is my second line of  quotations which do not resonate as much for me, but I’ve only been recently introduced to them.

Rule #1 from Naturally Thin
– As I mentioned in the other post, the first rule that likened your diet to a bank account rang true with me and a colleague who is a wisp at 80 pounds said something once that echoes and bounces around in my head when she declined a half-price Starbucks Vivanno while I went for it, “It’s not worth the calories.” Indeed, I admit to having that bias that thin people like her epitomize to me self-control, and that larger people have declining amounts of self-control.

– One other “mantra” I take away from Naturally Thin is the idea of ahimsa, or “do no harm”. I am more conscientious these days of physiological damage I am doing to myself with willy-nilly eating habits. I can feel myself swelling up and getting inflamed after eating junk food and while it is dramatic of me, it can accomplish the correct of goal of cutting back or avoidance.

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