Current Obsession: Multi-Strand Necklaces

One day, my co-worker arrived at work and I was dazzled. Why? She was wearing the chunky multi-strand necklace her mother had bought from The Bay and in turn passed it on to her (photo at left). It so truly captured my fancy that I could only hope to find the same necklace at The Bay (and hopefully on the clearance rack) or create my own.

For me–and even for NPY who likes when I shop with a purpose–it was a fun afternoon at Richmond Centre, dropping into every shop that would have costume jewelry before I found one with pearls and different textures of chains at Le Chateau and added my own strand of thinner pearls (photo at right). Mine is more black & white compared to my co-worker’s uniformly silver-hued version. I think all I need is to find a chain of rhinestone-covered spheres to have adequate sparkle. Oh, and the courage to wear something so chunky/flashy….

I’m definitely a slender chain kind of person but my co-workers are more trendy and I’m learning by observation how to wear the trends, i.e., a chunky necklace works with a simple top.

In my search, I also saw multi-strand necklaces for every style including the braided version of what I sought at Forever XXI–but the braided look and gold chains were not for me. At The Bay, I saw a necklace made from multiple strands of suede and beads. Doesn’t that look like something you could easily make with some supplies from Michael’s?

On this day..