Will the Sarah McLachlan ballet tour outside Alberta?

Image from AlbertaBallet.com

I was in Toronto over Easter and heard the tail end of a news segment about the ballet, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, based on Sarah McLachlan’s music and grumbled, “Of course Toronto has the cool ballet.” It turns out Fumbling is a production of the Alberta Ballet which, under the artistic direction of Jean Grand-Maître, is developing a name for itself for producing pop-ballets. It also turns out that the last of the seven shows was on May 14, several days ago, with no news that the production will travel out of the province.

Although few people got to see the ballet production in Alberta, in the order of a billion people watched the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies where the “Sacred Grove” lyrical jazz/ballet show was set to McLachlan’s “No Ordinary Miracle” and directed by Jean Grand-Maître–I loved that segment. The Globe & Mail review of Fumbling named the songs the ballet/story is set to including some of my favourite songs. I resolved to listen to her albums again and you can see that I’ve dug them out to learn to surprise myself and learn that I own nine Sarah McLachlan albums!

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