Blue Food

What was I thinking when I was shopping in Walmart, Target, and Trader Joe’s a couple weekends ago? Five of the food items I bought fall into some kind of Blue Theme:

  1. Archer Farms Buffalo Macaroni & Cheese (made with real blue cheese and spicy cayenne red pepper sauce)
  2. Archer Farms Midnight Blend popcorn with blue corn kernels
  3. Summer Oreos, seems to be the original flavour but the stuffing is dyed blue
  4. Laughing Cow Light — Blue cheese wedges
  5. Trader Joe’s Blue Granite Jack Cheese slices


Blue Granite Jack Cheese Slices

The obvious one to start with for me was the grilled cheese, using a slice of blue jack instead of that awful processed orange-yellow “cheddar” cheese. The substitution went over quite well. With the jack cheese blended in, the slice is squishy when melted and delightfully a little resistant to the bite.

But NPY and I can’t eat 8 grilled cheese sandwiches so three slices went into an Alfredo Blue recipe. I suspected the jack part of the cheese would mess up the recipe and it did indeed, melting into clumps I couldn’t break apart. The recipe still came out beautifully with a wicked pungent zing to the classic dish.

Midnight Blend popcorn

Pop some Midnight Blend alone? Pop some regular popcorn with it to compare? I mixed it together figuring I could pull out the blue ones to photograph, making work for myself. But when it was done popping, I was grateful for the mixture because then you can contrast–if you squint–the two kernels. Midnight Blend are the starched blue-white colour ones while the regular popcorn has a yellowish tinge.

As for the taste, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint what the Midnight Blend tastes like. Not as nutty as regular popping corn, more light on the palate. That’s all I can describe of it. Aesthetically, Midnight Blend is a winner: it’s like putting 95 bright white paper next to your usual paper stock.

Buffalo Mac ‘n’ Cheese

The pasta that comes with the Archer Farms (Target house brand) Buffalo Mac ‘n’ Cheese were “gourmet”: fatter, short, macaroni tubes. This shape might mean that less water gets stuck in the pasta canal when you try to drain it. Except the instructions for preparation just indicates to cook the pasta in the sauce in a pot, no draining required.

The pasta dinner was quite nice. The sauce was not too salty and quite pungent from the blue cheese when it came down to it. As promised, there was a touch of heat that lingered from the cayenne pepper.

Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese wedge

There is something quite ceremonious about opening up a box of Laughing Cow wedges, pulling the red string around the circumference of the container to break the tape and separate the top lid, pulling the red tab to magically peel off the top of the wedge. And it spreads with such ease.

The blue cheese wedge is one of the least “blue” of the Blue Food, as in there were no blue cheese flecks, but there is a distinct blue cheese aroma. When actually eating it, the blue cheese taste was much more faint, overpowered by whatever the underlying cheese product might be. The website recommends spreading it with fresh pear slices and walnuts… it sounds like a super idea and method to get in fruit and nuts.

That reminds me of a really great baguette sandwich I had at Finch’s that had a blue component: a fresh-baked baguette topped with blue Brie, Anjou pear, prosciutto, roasted walnuts, oil, and vinegar. I usually do not like prosciutto but apparently it just has to be in the right company.

Summer Edition Blue Oreos

These are really blue! It was marvelous opening the package. Each Oreo cookie is also imprinted with five different summer-happy messages. Taste? I thought the first one I ate was less sweet than a regular Oreo but it was just the blue affecting my taste buds. Subsequent Oreos tasted as perfect as the original flavour.

How do you eat your Oreos? I dunk mine in milk until they soften (and hopefully do not disintegrate and drop into the cup), pop it in my mouth, then take another gulp of milk to soften the part that did not get dipped, where my fingers were. Blue bliss!

While I marveled at the Blue Theme, Lil’ Sis was not so impressed. You can imagine that blue food isn’t quite natural-looking and can be unappealing to most people with sensibility. So it’s just as well that most of the Blue Foods (save for the processed treat, Oreos) were not really blue out of the package or when cooked!

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  1. Whoa…blue Oreos? I think you just blew my mind!!!

  2. wyn says:

    @THB: Indeed, it was such a fun find!

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