Taco Wars on the West-Side?

On a lunch-hour walk between Granville and Cambie on West Broadway, I must have ducked into a half-dozen potential lunch spots: Pizza Cono for cone-shaped organic pizzas, Chiffon Patisserie, Saravanaa Bhavan for $5 4-item lunches, and Whole Foods hot food section. I was just hoping La Taqueria at its new Broadway/Cambie location would be open and worth passing up other good food… but not quite yet.

I was marveling how La Taqueria is going to be able to give Chronic Tacos, a California-based chain that arrived in Vancouver last year, a run for its money when it opens later in July. And let’s not forget the old Broadway standbys, only one of which I managed to try. Adobo Burrito (what, no homepage?) always pumps out the most maddeningly enticing spicy smell from their shops but I still have not tried anything from this casual service restaurant. There was a Taco Del Mar, the most fast-food of options, until it blew up in 2008 and never came back (remember that?). The one I have tried was Steamrollers, squeezed between a Blenz and London Drugs-now-Michaels. They taste nothing like Mexican-American food although it was a concept brought over to Vancouver from a San Franciscan who missed burritos when he arrived here.

Then, I was walking by the old Bread Garden (was sad it closed while other Bread Gardens became BG Urban Cafes) and scurried across the street to read the Opening Soon sign–Mucho Burrito! It is such a chain-style restaurant and I saw one recently out in the ‘burbs at Byrne Crossing, but this one is based out of Mississauga using recipes the founders learned from musician Johnny Mucho.

Then, just because I took 8th to get to Whole Foods, I ran into the COMA Food Truck serving Korean-fused Mexican-American food, like the famed Kogi BBQ truck in L.A. At the Ursu Korean taco truck downtown, I tried a tofu taco and really like the idea. Next Wednesday, for they are in Cambie Village only on Wednesday at lunch, elsewhere in the city the other days, I will try to give COMA a try.

Count that, 6 taco/burrito options, albeit 4 chains/franchises, along a 4-block stretch (between Alberta Street and Heather Street, as below). Crazy!

From east to west: Chronic Tacos- La Taqueria – COMA Food Truck – Adobo Burrito – Mucho Burrito – Steamrollers


  1. wyn says:

    Last night, we drove east on Broadway towards Main and saw the Best Burrito spot at Columbia and Broadway. Looks like it’s been there since 2009 but I’ve never noticed it. I’m not sure it’s much of a contender and it’s just a block outside the 4-block stretch I named above.

  2. Abegail says:

    It seem so fun fun..

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