Busy like so

We just got back from a surprisingly nice weekend to “the Island” (Vancouver Island)–food post coming soon, of course–and the rest of the month, one more week, promises to be busy and stressful. This is one of those annoying “I’m too busy to blog” posts.

On Friday, I’m writing the first exam I’ve written in several years and the darn thing is worth 90% of the final grade. While studying during the week, I also have to arrange selling or getting rid of all of my furniture and packing things up… I’m moving! I can’t entirely explain it and/or don’t want to. It’s a good time for a change and Toronto is the only other place I should be. If this last month of preparations and introspection upon the reality of moving is any indication, I’ll be back and not in too long.

Next week, my father is visiting in addition to an aunt (his sister) visiting from Europe–I don’t know how many years it has been since all branches of the family were in the same place. Then, on the final day of August, 7 years and 1 day after I tempted fate and came here, I’ll be coming to you from the Eastern time zone!

On this day..